Jewelry Designs with a Masculine Look

journey_palermo_jewellry_collectionWith Father’s Day around the corner it’s nice to find some men’s jewelry designs that have a masculine look. Whether he likes bracelets, necklaces or rings, there is plenty to find out there to suit yourself or the man in your life.

Manly Designs

There is nothing to hide when it comes to a simplistic ring on a man’s finger. It is straightforward and attractive without all the added features to take away from the simple design. The extra creative person will be able to brush up on their metalwork skills and have this as a special DIY project. If you’re extra handy why not add a simple engraving such as a wedding date as well?

Manly Cufflinks

It’s not just rings that can turn into a project. Take a look around the house for extra screws and bolts to make cufflinks. They’re already just sitting around so why not make good use of something you know you’ll like. It’s a great gift idea as well but maybe it’s time to do something for yourself. Be a trailblazer and make those nut and bold cufflinks for the next time you’re out on the town.

Now, let’s suppose you or your man has a kind of boyish charm. The cufflink can be underappreciated so it’s nice to have a couple options that we might not think of. Lego Cufflinks are just the type of jewelry that brings about that boyish charm we all love. Even if you don’t feel you want to get in touch with the inner child, this would make a great gift for a little boy that you know. Give them to a nephew or someone you think will have some fun with them.


Don’t think of bracelets as being only gold or silver. Sometimes an occasion calls for a more casual look like a Paracord Bracelet. It’s strong and reinforced with braided cords. It’s a great bracelet for you if you want to stay away from the shiny stuff or for the man in your life who prefers a more simplistic approach to jewelry.

The Dog Tag

Nothing says tough like a set of dog tags. You can inscribe these dog tags with your name or a personal message. They easily become a sentimental gift for your loved one. This type of jewelry is great because it can be for women or men, giving either one an equally “tough” look. So why not get matching dog tags for you and your man or you and your woman?

There are so many ideas out there for finding the right kind of manly jewelry. Designs are meant to be explored and thought about extensively to make sure you find what you like. Even if you can’t find anything suitable, consider starting a DIY project to design your own jewelry. You never know, that could lead to a larger project where other people will start asking you to design their jewelry.